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I actually laughed out loud from how hilarious and awesome it was. I was shocked by how much fluid came out too No matter how comprehensive an online survey is, it still can't answer two crucial questions about squirting that everyone wants to know: What percentage of vagina-owners can squirt? There is only one! It had a relatively low success rate: So, is this it? About a third of vagina-owners can squirt? We don't know. But they all suffer from really small sample sizes ranging from 1 to 11 participants and differ wildly in their findings: We'll record the percentage of participants who successfully squirt during the event.

What is it? Where does it come from? Can anyone do it? With special guest, Dr.

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Zhana Vrangalova. Zhana Vrangalova, who explains the current state of the science on squirting. What exactly is that stuff anyway? Zhana and Joe do something a little different. Zhana explains the limited current scientific research on squirting, Kenneth discussing the practice of making others squirt.

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His s of hours of hands-on experience plus learning from masters of science, tantra, kink, and more, has been distilled into simple, effective sex hacks. Get access to Kenneth's celebrity sex coaching for yourself! We showered after, which led to more sex, then back on the bed, he slipped into my ass and within seconds, I was having intense orgasms and squirting like I had never squirted before.

It flew up and hit my glasses, my hair.

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I swear there was a body outline of wetness from me on his bed afterwards. Alas, he ghosted me afterwards. His loss! She made me squirt using her strap on and he was so jealous that he kept trying to make it happen again. I couldn't really describe what exactly she did to make it happen and he was very frustrated.

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