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But once the cameras were rolling, it was a completely different story. He was a hot, dirty animal! We were grunting, growling, spitting, and shoving so intensely that we actually broke the damn bed! It ended up being a perfect scene. He looks back fondly on the years he spent growing as a dancer alongside LA-based performers Shockra and Flava.

Behind the scenes, Adam also creates costumes and airbrushes the bodies of dancers for special events. Early in his career, Adam lived in Japan for a year while dancing with a Japanese company. While there, he also worked on TV shows and did runway modeling for Armani. What was it like working with Lucas Entertainment? It was a small crew on the set with just a still photographer, an audio engineer, and the videographer.

We really worked well together, and they usually allowed the action in the scenes to flow naturally — which I loved. Because I had spent years working behind the camera, I was aware of the challenges faced when filming — and so I did my best to give the crew the angles they were looking for. What was it like during the shoot in Germany? My boyfriend Ryan and I landed in Berlin, checked into our hotel, and then headed to the location where Lucas Ent.

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It was Ryan's first time on a porn set, but he got along well with everyone and waited patiently as we shot hour after hour of dialog. What were your college days like? I graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz.


I also studied abroad for a year, in Germany. College was a blast. I love learning new things and being surrounded by creative, intelligent people. Have you done much traveling? I'd love to revisit Iceland. It almost feels like you're on the moon because the landscape is so strange. I got to see the Northern Lights there, which puts every light show and fireworks display I've ever seen to shame.

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If you could live anywhere except where you live now, where would it be? I would move back to Germany. For some reason, Germany really draws me in and feels like home. I like the European lifestyle. My schedule fluctuates constantly, but when I'm home I try to hike in Runyon Canyon or do yoga, plan and cook a healthy dinner, hit the gym, and spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible. This past weekend my roommate Mitchell Rock and I had a yard sale, and it turned out to be pretty fun and successful.

Any special talents that fans might not know about?