Is lloyd klein gay and why is he dating jocelyn wildenstein

They were reportedly planning to avoid each other after their arrests but it seems that neither could pass up the chance to bid on artwork at the auction on Tuesday. The couple had been ordered to keep away from other last week after a lover's spat turned violent, and landed them both in handcuffs. It is unclear whether Wildenstein, who has been dubbed 'catwoman', and Klein, 50, breached their protective orders by attending the same event.

Jocelyn Wildenstein and fiancé Lloyd Klein step out

Wildenstein and Klein reportedly fell out on November 5 while they were having dinner. For whatever reason, the incident sparked a heated argument between the couple that quickly turned physical. Wildenstein, who has been dubbed 'catwoman', claims that year-old Klein pushed her to the ground, which caused bruising to her arm and neck. Klein claims that Wildenstein viciously scratched him on the forehead, causing a cut. They both apparently sought treatment at a nearby hospital and were both charged with misdemeanor assault. This is not their first run-in with the law as they've been arrested several times for fighting.

Busted again: They are pictured together above in August. Klein escaped by bundling her into a closet but, wrongly believing she was trapped, she called the police herself, igniting a tabloid storm in the process. Shocked Klein would face the ignominy of arrest himself when, days later, police accused him of pushing her when he went back to collect his belongings.

Jocelyn Wildenstein and fiancé Lloyd Klein step out | Daily Mail Online

The pair were banned from going within 1, yards of one another or communicating by phone, email or text but Wildenstein said they continued to message in secret - like 'naughty schoolchildren' in the back of class. Authorities dropped all charges after they both insisted the incident was blown out of all proportion and they were still in love.

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It could have destroyed our relationship but it didn't,' Wildenstein said told DailyMail. The incident sparked a heated argument between the couple that quickly turned physical. Wildenstein claims that Klein pushed her to the ground, which caused bruising to her arm and neck. Klein claims that Wildenstein scratched him on the forehead, causing a cut. They both sought treatment at a nearby hospital and were both charged with misdemeanor assault.

Last December, they were involved in a blazing late night argument that resulted in Wildenstein left in court getting arrested for scratching Klein's face and chest right. The police officer put his fingers into my skin so deeply that he left me with a scar. Bad things happens, just like the car crash.

You cannot erase them but we never change who we are. But the pair made up and back in August announced they were engaged after he bought the carat diamond engagement ring and proposed at the Versace Mansion in Miami.

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  • Jocelyn Wildenstein's ex-boyfriend Lloyd Klein sees off 2016 with Lauren Foster!
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Wildenstein snapped up adjoining apartments in before buying a third and knocking them into one giant pad that takes up nearly the entire 51st floor. The divorcee spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery to make her look cat-like and once explained that she wanted the surgery to make her eyes look more feline.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail. Her exasperated creditors have tried to slap foreclosure papers on the famed socialite, but the feline-featured debtor has been dodging them.

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Concierge and security staff at the glitzy high rise have also refused to help and threatened to call police on anyone who tries to drop off the paperwork. Wildenstein had been freed without bail last week after being hit with felony and misdemeanour assault charges in connection with her attack on Klein — who only ended the violence by stuffing his elderly gal pal into a closet.

She caused a stir during her arraignment December 7 by using a mobile phone as a mirror against court rules — drawing the wrath of a courtroom officer.


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