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Yahoo Turkish Gays - Yahoo Group for Turkish gays where you can exchange information, and meet Turkish gay men or other gay visitor coming to Turkey. Turkey Gay Forum - Gay forum and discussion pages in English, aiming to help gay men sharing information about gay life in various major cities of Turkey.

Gay Hotel in Istanbul - Popular gay friendly hotel in Istanbul Escinsel Forum - Message board and community page in Turkish, aimed at sharing information about gay life in different cities of Turkey.

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They organize seminars, events, and parties. Lambda Istanbul - The website of Lambda Istanbul, located in Istanbul, a non-government-organization which started the first gay and lesbian movement in Turkey. One of the most active GL liberation movement in the country.

Under this category we will be listing of online gay guides of other major cities in the world.

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That's it: The area isn't safe and bohemian at all. The neighbors aren't hospitable. Even if you say "Iyi aksamlar" "Good evening" every time you meet them when climbing the house staircase, they think they can interfere in your private life. The steep spiral staircase in the house is mostly unlighted during nighttime and it has no safety fence on the top floors, so there is a risk to accidentally fall down and break your neck. There is a gape between the window panes opposite the sleeping area in the flat.

And there was no heating during the cold nights of late September, so I got a cold. Besides, there are no thick non-transparent curtains to keep your privacy and everyone from the opposite house can watch everything happening in your flat. The cooktop is quite weak, and it takes almost half an hour to cook your scrambled eggs.

According to the policies of this site I wasn't allowed to describe the horrible incident happened to me in this property, but to make a long story short I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. And that was her response: This was a very very risky behaviour.

The result of inviting home strangers met around was an aggression , he said. But this is not our fault.

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There s no point in taking revenge of us by writing such a feed back.. Cihangir area is very safe, as any istanbul guide can easily confirm.

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But it s islamic, and this guest was not discreet at all. It is very unfair to find out problems about our apt I understood how unlucky I was to stay in the most homophobic area of Istanbul. These are other evidences:. I am really for the for the bad experience.. Let me copy just a quick list of homophobic attacks from United Kingdom in the last few years, for example.

The victim was subjected to homophobic abuse at a bus stop on The Strand, before he was then repeatedly punched in the head. Scotland Yard have stated that the offenders were two white men in their twenties wearing dark jackets. After the attack, they fled towards Trafalgar Square. The attacks took place in East London.

A gay man left for dead in a suspected hate crime was violently attacked as he lay "curled up in a ball" after he went to a pub in his new area to make friends, his family say. Carl suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain in the assault and his family say doctors said he was lucky he wasn't killed. A year-old gay man arrived at Kentish Drovers pub on Peckham High Street in London holding hands with his boyfriend.

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Authorities sentenced Anjungi Lam, 35, to two years in jail for the 5 March attack. Stephen John Port is a convicted British serial rapist and serial killer. Port received a life sentence with a whole life order on 25 November I sincerely hope that you do not take it as victim-shaming but I think we all need to be careful with people we meet for random sex, whom we know nothing about. Ultimately all big cities hold some risk, especially in night life.

Istanbul is actually safer than most other big cities except some typical tourist traps. I recommend people to take a look at the safety warnings on Istanbulgay. Understand first that you need to stay alive and healthy to actually enjoy your life. In Istanbul downtown , super easy.

In other cities I am not sure though.

I assume chances in big cities such as Ankara, Bursa and Izmir would not be low but cannot be compared to Istanbul. Hornet is the most popular gay dating app in Turkey, Grindr is pretty much extinct.

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Hornet Gay Social Network has 9 million users worldwide and is the most popular gay app in Turkey. Travelers can meet locals ahead of time using the explore feature on the app available in iTunes , Google Play , as well as a desktop version. Just open the TV and watch the most popular TV shows. Its full of gay men. And there are many gay bars and places that you can meet gay people. There is a stereo-typical gay men image in Turkey, which is like a funny, straightforward and honest guy who behaves funny. There were many characters like this in Turkish TV and cinema history.

From all ages both women and men wathced these people and enjoyed them without being homophobic. There are so many singers, artists, fashion designers and many famous gay people who are widely accepted and respected by the Turkish society.

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It will be easy if you go these places, otherwise being gay in an Islamic profiled country is something to be hidden in daily life most of the time. But of course there are exceptions and it will depend on which part of the city you live in, in what kind of socio-culture you came from. I think Love club is one of the famous ones. These two are the most known and the ones I recommend hardly.

Other than Istanbul, you can check some apps like Hornet, Scruff and Grindr. But keep this in mind, you have to use a VPN to connect to only for Grindr. The other apps are just working fine, that is why Grindr is not as popular as the others mentioned. And you will be suprised when you see the number of users in this apps.